Conference participants from outside Macau are encouraged to take a flight directly into Macau or Hong Kong on well-known carriers or their alliance partners.

Those who fly to Hong Kong may make use of ferries to Macau that leave every 15–30 minutes, with a journey time to Macau taking 50-60 minutes.

The closest ferry terminal to the airport is at Sheung Wan Pier; there are metro and taxi connections between HK airport and the Sheung Wan Pier, with a taxi ride costing about 150 HKD.

There is also a ferry terminal WITHIN HK airport. If taking the ferry from within the airport, please note that you do not need to pick up your luggage or enter customs, as the ferry company will transfer everything with you to Macau. However, there are few daily departures at this ferry terminal, so please do check to see how the ferry schedule matches your flights. Conference participants who prefer this option may review the schedule at:
also remember that the Galaxy Macau Hotel (the conference venue) provides free shuttles to Macau Airport, the border gate with HK, and all ferry terminals in Macau. For more details, please see

Starting from 1 July 2010, visitors from the following 6 countries are required to apply for a valid Macao “visa” in advance through a Chinese embassy or consulate instead of applying for an Entry Permit (so-called “visa-upon-arrival”).
5.Sri Lanka
For more information, please visit: and

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